Welcome to the PLEG website!

By way of an introduction, please allow me to give you a brief overview of our group's background and aims: -

The Preserved Locomotive Enthusiasts Group, or PLEG, was formally set up in 2003, though the Policy Group members of the group have been working together to bring you opportunities to travel behind the rarer UK preserved locomotives since 2001.

As a point of clarification, although we make no distinction between the different types of preserved traction, steam locomotives are currently outside of our remit. Our interest is purely diesel (all forms, i.e. mechanical, hydraulic, electric etc.) and electric (AC/DC and electro-diesel) locomotives. We congratulate the work done by the various steam groups around the UK and wish them well, but the world of steam is not within our sphere of interest.

The initial reason for PLEG's existence was that a number of us as haulage enthusiasts had ridden behind all the 'available' preserved locomotives and, although there were other locomotives that were available for traffic at various sites, the railways in question refused to use them on passenger trains. We sought to address this and are now pleased to say that most railways now try to use their full fleet and fully understand concepts such the popular ‘shunter shuttles’ at diesel galas.

Although we have the word Preserved in our group name we are not solely limited to the world of preservation. We have also been delighted to work with mainline rail companies and locomotive owners to bring further opportunities for rail enthusiasts to ride behind rare locomotives.

We wish to make it clear that PLEG is a not for profit group. We do not, and nor do we wish to, retain any of the income that our events generate for ourselves. We donate all proceeds to good causes.

I hope the above has given you answers to the PLEG who?/what?/why? questions and you are now encouraged to browse the other pages of this website.

Please do let us have any comments that you have because at PLEG we believe in continual improvement! Click here to send us at PLEG an email.

Ian Loveday (Selby),

PLEG Group Leader.