Diesel running

When news broke of 08502 returning to Barrow Hill in between it's regular assignments it was an opportunity that PLEG couldn't miss.

With lightning efficiency, the Barrow Hill Engine Shed Society (BHESS), with the very kind support of the Harry Needle Railroad Company (HNRC), agreed to our request to run 08502 on a passenger train.

Rolling stock:

Locos used

08502 & 03066

Stock used

BFK M 14007






Roundhouse Halt^ - Springwell Headshunt (x 6 trips)

0.42 / 0m36ch


Springwell Headshunt - Roundhouse Halt^ (x 6 trips)

0.42 / 0m36ch

^ Actual boarding point was just off platform end. * Mileage calculated on the last three return trips (GPS data supplied by Paul Illingworth amongst others).

PLEG wishes to thank BHESS, HNRC and all their staff and train crew for their assistance in making this event happen.

PLEG looks forward to visiting the railway again in the future.

Photos by Damian Clement [Member 0003]