The Crewe Crawl

The idea for an outing of the 03 in "all available tracks" mode came about due to a chance meeting (thanks Rick!) at Bristol Parkway on route to Temple Meads for "The Severnsider" charter on 02/07/2011. Details were exchanged and lines of communication opened. Soon, a plan to follow the 29th October BLS charter with a comprehensive PLEG day on the Sunday was formed and a visit to Crewe Heritage Centre was agreed to explore track of three gauges with interesting haulage.

The effort put in by the team at CHC cannot be underestimated – it was like shunting a model railway at times with the highlight being a breakdown crane attached to the back of the charter at one point. You just had to be there! The track map reveals the effort that occurred if you consider how much stock is on site. Even the 7.25 inch turntables were completed in 360 degree circles to ensure the "monorails" were completed underneath!

Mileage covered on this charter has been estimated by PLEG member Jim Sellens as follows using MAgiC: -

Class 03 - 1,900 metres / 1m 14ch

Class 73 - 350 metres / 0m 18ch

27 people took part with some stuffing and a few riding in the cab. A fantastic donation of £690 was made which was very gratefully received. Discussions are underway to discuss what else PLEG and CHC could do together.

A stock list and track map highlighting track completed is below

word Crewe Heritage Centre Stock List

pdf Track map