The Foggy Flowerpot

The idea for an outing for the 03 in "all available tracks" mode came about due to the wish to add "something extra" to the Weardale bash already planned. Originally we talked about Beamish or Wensleydale but Shildon got the vote on proximity and simplicity.

With initial enquires promptly dealt with, a plan was soon put together for a two-train service allowing a connection off the second train onto a service train between the two venues. All efforts to request a ride behind the prototype DELTIC proved unproductive – even PLEG has its limits. We were dealt with extremely professionally by Pam and Richard, and thanks go out to them again for all their support and help, including opening new doors for us elsewhere.

A fantastic donation of £500 was made which was very gratefully received, especially as numbers could have easily been dented by the foggy weather. This included a donation from a couple of "normals" with their child which we just happened to pick up on Train B. I’m not quite sure what they thought of their exploration of the end of line through the goods shed and into the sand drag! Quite a few passengers took the advertised option and did both Train A and Train B to optimise either their chainage or their track scratching. As always, some just upgraded on the day when the operational plan unravelled further.

Traction wise, the 03 looked great (even inside the cab) and we were delighted that Shildon were able to provide a bonus on the day for us – always good if we can go the extra mile, or kilometre as they would say in Holland.

Discussions are underway to discuss what else PLEG and NRM could do together, perhaps at their other site...

Mileage summary, a stock list and track map highlighting track completed is below