Stevenage Locomotive Society

The Stevenage Locomotive Society was formed in 1959 with the aim of bringing together enthusiasts from the Stevenage and North Herts area for a once monthly meeting. Over the years the Society has evolved and today is as strong as ever with some 95 members.

In 1994, on behalf of the Stevenage Locomotive Society, I began to charter trains on Preserved Railways using shunters and preserved diesels, that would rarely see the light of day if it was left up to the individual railways, and this has lead to a number of successful charters being organised.

The SLS's financial policy for these charters is to aim to break even, but where a charter has made a profit this has been carried over to subsidise any subsequent events that have made a loss.

The SLS will continue organising charters under the Stevenage Locomotive Society banner and we look forward to PLEG's support on charters that we take the lead on, and conversely the SLS will support the charters that PLEG take the lead on. The aim being that the SLS and PLEG working in association with each other will benefit you, the enthusiast.

Stuart Clarke

Secretary of Stevenage Locomotive Society.