New PLEG group

PLEG has decided to set up its own group on to give members of PLEG advance notice of updates to future events and to notify when an updated Gensheet has been placed on the site for download. Previously PLEG has sent mail directly to members to notify them of future events, however, from now on this group will be the only place where these details will be posted (apart from the PLEG Latest News & Future Events pages) and it will be up to individual members to keep their own email addresses up-to-date on the site. You can find the site here.

Membership of this group is strictly limited to PLEG members. Please click here for details on how to join PLEG.

Most members will have, by now, received an invitation to join the new group via an email posted to them. If however, you haven't received an email, either because you haven't registered an email address with PLEG, or the one you have registered has since changed, you will can request to join the PLEG group here.

All new members to PLEG will automatically receive an invitation to join the PLEG group.

Members are not permitted to post to this group as it is designed solely for use a PLEG news facility, and not as a discussion arena.

Presgen Yahoo Group

Presgen will be run along similar lines to the existing, popular email group Rail-Gen. The aim of Presgen is to share information on diesel workings on preserved lines, and critically, to allow those 'in the know' and 'on the front line' to send their gen to a wide audience. We have all experienced the frustrations of telephoning a preserved railway to get the gen, only to be put through to Auntie Ethel in the tea shop, quoting about some kettle. The key point being, the diesel gang somewhere out and about on the railway probably have the solid gen, but have no means to pass it on to a wide audience - Well they have now!

Please visit the Presgen homepage for full details.

Many thanks,

Ian Loveday,

PLEG Leader.